SZMD BQX- - 7A Smart Phone Signal Shielding Machine Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Signal Jammer 655mm*465mm*90mm

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SZMD BQX- - 7A Smart Phone Signal Shielding Machine Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Signal Jammer 655mm*465mm*90mm
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Model Number: BQX-7A
Size: 655mm*465mm*90mm
Shield signal: 2G3G4GWIFI Bluetooth etc.
Transmit power: 14W
certified product: ISO9001
Suitable place: School / examination room / dormitory / meeting room / prison, etc.
Coverage radius: 50m
Model Number: BQX-7A
Packaging Details: Foam+carton
Product Description

"BQX- - 7A Smart Phone Signal Shielding Machine"

The BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine is a painstaking research and development of Beijing Shenzhou Mingda High-tech Co., Ltd., which lasted for three years, and the BQX-7B smart phone signal detection Magic machine, different from BQX-7B smart phone signal detection and shielding machine, BQX-7A does not have a detection function.

1. Performance

The device uses a seven-channel micro-power transmission (2W per channel), a high-gain directional transmitting antenna design scheme, with a minimum gain of 7dbm per channel. Everyone knows that in the field of wireless signal transmission, the shielding distance of each gain of 3dbm will double, so the shielding distance of the BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine is at least five times that of the conventional shielding device in the market! And its transmitting power is only 2W, and the radiation value is much lower than other jammers!

2. Function

BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine can be shielded for a long time, more energy-saving, no radiation, seven-channel frequency hopping transmission design ensures that it does not affect the uplink frequency and does not interfere with the base station; BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine is equipped with a smart remote control, Can switch the machine remotely!

3. Appearance

The BQX-7 series of smart phone signal detection and shielding machines do not use common molds commonly used in the market. The whole machine molds are developed by our company and the appearance has been patented. The mural design is more concealed, and the content of different murals can be changed according to user requirements.

4. Innovation

1. BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine uses a variety of innovative technologies: ① The appearance design of high-end murals; ② Directional high gain built-in antenna; ③ The power is manually adjustable; ④ Optional to realize the central computer control function of multiple wired connection networking;
2. The BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine is an indoor unit. It is suitable for any indoor place where a mobile phone signal shielding device is needed: * In schools, use full shielding during exams. Efficient shielding, maintaining the normal order of the exam, and adopting the design of the heat sink, there is no worry that fan noise will affect the exam.
* High-end secret-related places, camouflage installation of concealed murals, especially suitable for high-end secret-related places. The shielding performance is stable, and there is no phenomenon that sometimes shielding is sometimes impossible. The shielding distance is super far, and the shielding distance can be adjusted.
* In prisons, the BQX-7A smart phone signal shielding machine makes detention centers and other supervision places more humane. The mural-style concealed installation prevents prisoners and police officers from having too strong resistance. The pictures can be written as educational reform slogans, and they are always reminded of reforms. The high-gain antenna design is easier to penetrate the iron door of the prison to shield the vicinity of the window, and there is no dead angle. Taking a standard prison building with a length of 100 meters as an example, only two or three units on one floor can achieve 100% shielding.

Product number
Transmission frequency range
Frequency band
Total power
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature
-20℃— +50℃
Blocking radius
(The minimum gain of each channel is 7dbm, and the total power after gain is 56W)
Relative humidity
≤80% RH
Atmospheric pressure
power supply
Number of antenna types
Built-in antenna
Company Profile
Shenzhou Mingda High-Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is headquartered in the capital Beijing. Since 2006, Shenzhou Mingda has been committed to in-depth detection in the field of international anti-terrorism special equipment and access channel security in high-security places, and focuses on customer Demand for continuous innovation and open cooperation with partners. It has built 360-degree solutions and advantages in the fields of public security, justice, military and national security. Focus on mobile phone signal shielding, detection, and control business research in special secret-related places such as prisons (detention centers), detention centers, the military, and national security agencies for 10 years. The product serves many domestic prisons and detention centers. It has rich construction experience and complete and effective shielding solutions. It is a well-known professional shielding project company in China. With strong technical strength, leading technical means and complete after-sales service system, Domestic prisons and other places with high security requirements provide the most effective shielding solutions! We are committed to providing competitive security solutions and services for high-security places around the world, continuously improving customer safety experience, building a bridge between customer safety needs and safety products and services, and closely connecting customer safety with digital technology. Help them establish a complete safety guarantee system. Based on the concept of customer-centered, service-oriented, and based on years of experience in shielding projects, the company completes complex and diverse shielding projects with the most scientific and systematic solutions. To help customers provide excellent products and control construction costs, to maximize the long-term, stable, efficient and reliable aspects of product application and later development for customers is our aim. Our core competitiveness: focus on customizing the most suitable system solutions for customers. Our vision: In line with the tenet of "innovative technology, people-oriented", customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction. Shenzhou Mingda will continue to provide first-class technology, high-quality products, excellent reputation, perfect service, and a prudent attitude. Full of enthusiasm to contribute to customers, benefit the society, and strive to contribute important forces to the cause of social security and investigation.
Beijing Shenzhou Mingda Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. The Professional Cell Phone Jammer/ Cell Phone Booster/ RF Signal Detector / Bug Detector/ Spy Camera Detector/ Speed Radar Gun/ Aduio Jammer Manufacturer. Shenzhou Mingda was established in 2005, and based in Beijing city. Shenzhou Mingda is a professional manufactory integrating the design, development, production and sales of signal jamming, detecting and magnifying products into a whole body. Meanwhile, our company is one partner of China Ministry of National Defense and China Ministry of State Security, and also acquired the certification of the National Ministry of Public Security. Shenzhou Mingda's principle business is engaged in security products, such as wireless phone jammers, cell phone jammers, signal boosting, signal amplifying devices; anti-wiretapping devices, anti-hidden camera devices and relevant products. Fine workmanship, best quality, competitive price and best after-sale services are what we are proud of. With the development of three years, Shenzhou Mingda has become a trustworthy supplier of the wireless phone jammer, cell phone jammer, mobile phone jammer and wireless phone signal boosting products in China, and some products exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Africa, and other countries and regions. We have our own specialists to design different wireless phone jammers, wireless phone signal boosting devices and signal detecting devices to meet market demands, such as we can offer different bandwidths wireless phone jammer relay on different countries' standards. We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to contact us and establish business relationship with us.
1. who are we?
We are based in Beijing, China, start from 2006,sell to Mid East(00.00%),Africa(00.00%),Eastern Asia(00.00%),South Asia(00.00%),Domestic Market(00.00%),Eastern Europe(00.00%),Southeast Asia(00.00%),Oceania(00.00%),Western Europe(00.00%),Northern Europe(00.00%),Southern Europe(00.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.what can you buy from us?
Ground Security Radar Products,Air Security Radar Products,Offshore Security Radar Products,Multi Target Tracking Radar,Restrict UAV Flight,Anti Sneak Shot Anti Eavesdropping Wireless Signal Detector,Vehicle System Life Searching Detector,Power Amplifier Module

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