Detect Jammer Signal and Cut Oil cardot to drop KOL GPS Signal Detection Shipping Gps Tracking Device Anti-jammer

1000 Pieces
$25.00(1000 - 1999 Pieces) $23.00(>=2000 Pieces)
Detect Jammer Signal and Cut Oil cardot to drop KOL GPS Signal Detection Shipping Gps Tracking Device Anti-jammer
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Year: Universal
Model: Universal
Type: GPS Tracker
Placement: PORTABLE
Car Fitment: Universal
OS: No
Screen Type: No screen
Resolution: no
Function: gps tracker anti jammer protection
Connection: wire connection
Warranty: 24 Months
Model Number: ALM-100
Use: Automotive
Product name: Gps tracker anti jammer
feature: detect jammer signal and cut oil
fit vehicles: all 12v/24v vehicles with gps tracker
working voltage: 12/24v
advantage 1: can protect car from being stole ,jammer's enemy
advantage 2: gps trackers's good partner
advantage 3: easy to install ,only 3 wires to connect
advantage 4: can do oem/odm product
sample: free sample 1pcs to test
package box: customizable
Model Number: Universal, ALM-100
Gps Security Signal Against Car Alarm Security System Anti Jammer Gps Tracking
What Is Anti-jammer
Product Name
Main Function
Main Market
Why Choose It
protect gps tracker,
detection jammer signal,cut off oil
outh America
Now more and more thieves use GPS jammers to steal cars, tens of thousands of dollars for a car
GPS life partner (close lover); The natural enemy of signal jammers, the gospel of GPS owners! The nightmare of car thief!


1. Super cost-effective, the price is less than 30 dollars, the value far exceeds the price of your car!
2. Theinstallation is super simple, less than 3 wires need to connect ;
3. The signal detection sensitivity is adjustable in 12 levels;
4. Accurate signal detection, cut off the oil circuit within 120 seconds;
5. Gradually cut off the oil circuit 5 times in a row,safe and reliable;
6. Support KOL and drop shipping;
7. Support one order.

Research and development of new products, the market is first introduced, the GPS tracker market is huge, it is a good helper of GPS tracker, your way to make money!

The thief knows that your car has GPS installed. Will he have no way to deal with your GPS? However, we can help you deal with thieves. If it was before (the picture on the left), the car installed GPS, the thief interfered with the GPS signal with the jammer, the car was stolen.but now, if the jammer signal appears, the car with the cardot product installed will automatically cut off the fuel and electricity So that the thief won’t take away your car and keep your property safe(the picture on the right). This product is sold only by us in China. There is only one in China.
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