Oil Cut If Detect Jammer Signal Dropshipping Gps Antijammer Device Car Tracking Device Vehicle Gps TR Life Partner Gps Tracker

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Oil Cut If Detect Jammer Signal Dropshipping Gps Antijammer Device Car Tracking Device Vehicle Gps TR Life Partner Gps Tracker
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Features: cut oil if detect jammer signal
Type: Mini
Placement: Dashboard
Positioning Mode: works with gps car
Track View: detect jammer signal to protect gps car
Function: detect jammer signal, detect jammer signal cut off
Warranty: 2 years
Model Number: ALM-100
Product name: GPS anti-jammer
Application: Car Truck Bus Taxi Forklift 12v vehicle
Size: 20X11X13 cm
Weight: 0.3kg
Working Voltage: 12V
Color: Black
Keyword: Gps Tracking Car Gps Tracking Chip
Use: Automotive
Tracking system: GPS
証明: ce, RoHS
証明: ce, RoHS
Model Number: ALM-100
Packaging Details: Selling Units:piece/pieces Single package size: 20*11*13 cm Single gross weight:0.3 kg Package Type:Standard and Safe Package
Product Description

Dropshipping gps antijammer device Car Tracking Device Vehicle Gps tr Life Partner Gps Tracker

The system works automatically for both locking and unlocking.
Jammer Device Working Process:
1.power on the whole system;
2.Jammer device signal red light keeps on when there is constant signal interference;
3.After 30 seconds,jammer device blue light starts slow blinking if jammer signal continues,blue light slow
blinking action will last 90 seconds;
4.After total 120 seconds,jammer device blue light will be keeping on,killer start relay will start
working,and then cut car fuel pump supply,if jammer signal is always there,whole cut oil process will
proceed total 5 times until engine will be cut finally at the 5th time.
5.But after 120 seconds,engine is cut status,jammer device will delay 60 seconds to detect signal
again,engine immobilizer is reset if there is constant jammer signal after 60 seconds;
6.Within 60 seconds delaying checking duration,jammer signal is disappeared for several seconds and
appear again for several seconds,60S delay time will restart from the beginning of new jammer signal
7.When engine is immobilizer status,cut off the car power,reset power again,engine immobilizer status
keeps the same status as before,if you want to get enable engine working,you need to wait 30 minutes.
Led off: indicates that there is no presence of jammer in the place, no jammer detected.
Led on: indicates that there is jammer in the place, presence of jammer detected
the relay that goes on the whip is 12 volts, therefore to be used in vehicles with 12v battery (cars, motorcycles,
etc). If you are going to install the device on a truck that uses a 24v battery, you must cut the wires that leave the
device and go to the relay, dispense the 12v relay and connect a 24v relay in place.
Optional KEY:
you can install a key in the vehicle, in a place where only the driver should have the knowledge. Cut off any of
the black wires that connect the anti-jammer to the relay and install the key as shown in the following figure. The
key must remain in the on (connected) position all the time, so that the vehicle will normally operate through the
normally closed contacts of the ANTIJAMMER relay and there will be a lock when the stop never energizes the relay
with the presence of a jammer in thelocal. However, if there is an unwanted cut, due to the presence of a non-ROBO
jammer, such as those used in prisons, for example, turning the KEY counter-clockwise will de-energize the relay,
thus unblocking the vehicle and will take it out of the unwanted blocking situation. When leaving the place with the
unwanted jammer signal, return the key to the on position.
On the front of the device there is a small hole, which is the LED screen that remains inside the device welded on the
Although there is transparent acetate closing the hole, if you are going to install the device on a motorcycle or jet ski,
we advise you to seal the hole (LED visor) with insulating tape, avoiding the entry of water.
You can pass electrical tape around the whole device, it will be even more protected from water.
Do not open the device. If you do so, it will imply the loss of the guarantee.
What Is Anti-jammer :
The thief knows that your car has GPS installed. Will he have no way to deal with your GPS? However, we can help you deal with thieves. If it was before (the picture on the left), the car installed GPS, the thief interfered with the GPS signal with the jammer, the car was stolen.but now, if the jammer signal appears, the car with the cardot product installed will automatically cut off the fuel and electricity So that the thief won’t take away your car and keep your property safe(the picture on the right). This product is sold only by us in China. There is only one in China.
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