Original Tolcat 16L High Efficient Surveillance Drone Helicopter Long Range Thrusters UAV Surveillance Agriculture Spraying ADAV Jammer

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Original Tolcat 16L High Efficient Surveillance Drone Helicopter Long Range Thrusters UAV Surveillance Agriculture Spraying ADAV Jammer
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Usage: Agriculture
Applicable Industries: Farms, Other
Showroom Location: None
Sprayer Type: Knapsack
Diameter: 30 cm
Feature: High Efficient, Full-automatic Digital Eggs Incubator
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year
Key Selling Points: High-accuracy
Marketing Type: New Product 2020
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Warranty of core components: 1year
Core Components: PLC, Motor
Weight: 28 KG
Product name: 24 eggs & duck & goose eggs & 96 bird eggs Incubadora
Egg Tray: Chicken Goose Quail Duck Trays
Color: Yellow
Application: Poultry Chicken Quail Bird Egg Incubator
Capacity: 24 Chicken Eggs
Egg turning: Automatic Egg Turning Motor
Lifetime: 8~10 Yeas
Structure: Durable Hatchery Egg Incubator
Model: LED Controller
Model Number: LED Controller


1:The Agras T10 features a brand-new design including a quadrilateral folding structure and a quick-release spray tank and flight battery that makes replacement, installation, and storage easy. The updated Route Operation mode includes Connection Routing, which enables the aircraft to automatically fly to a task route and avoid obstacles that have been marked in field planning. 2:The onboard D-RTK TM can be used for centimeter-level positioning [1] while the dual-antenna technology provides heading measurements and strong resistance against magnetic interference. The aircraft comes equipped with the Spherical Perception Radar System, a pioneering new system for the agriculture industry. Consisting of the Omnidirectional Digital Radar and Upward Radar, the system provides functions such as terrain following, obstacle sensing, and obstacle circumventing. With the forward and backward FPV cameras and bright spotlights, the system comprehensively ensures operational safety day and night in different weather. 3:The spraying system comes equipped with an 8L spray tank, four sprinklers, and a 2-channel electromagnetic flow meter that provides even and accurate spraying so that users can save liquid and reduce operating costs. 4:The aircraft has a protection rating of IP67 (IEC 60529) and the core components boast three layers of protection, making the T10 corrosion-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof so that it can be washed directly with water. 5:The Smart Controller Enterprise uses DJI OCUSYNC TM Enterprise transmission technology, has a max transmission distance of up to 7 km [2] , and supports Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth. The remote controller is equipped with a 5.5-inch bright, dedicated screen that has the brand new DJI Agras app built-in, significantly improving smoothness and stability. When the RTK dongle is connected to the remote controller, users can plan operations to centimeter-level precision. The Multi-Aircraft Control mode [3] of the remote controller can be used to coordinate the operation of multiple aircraft at the same time, enabling pilots to work efficiently. Both the built-in battery and external battery can be used to supply power to the remote controller. The remote controller has a working time of up to 4 hours, making it ideal for long and high-intensity operations.

Feature Highlights

1:The T10 features a brand-new quadrilateral folding structure design for quick folding and easy storage. Both the battery and spray tank are easily swappable, significantly improving the efficiency of power and liquid supply. Folding detection sensors built into the frame arms enable the aircraft to perform a folding mechanism self-check ensuring the arms are properly unfolded. 2:The aircraft supports centimeter-level positioning when used with the onboard D-RTK while the dual-antenna technology provides strong resistance against magnetic interference. Users have clear views of the front and rear of the aircraft thanks to the dual FPV cameras. 3:The updated Route operation mode includes Connection Routing. In Connection Routing, the aircraft will automatically return to a task route. Users can mark obstacles outside the task area during field planning for the aircraft to avoid and also add connection points for the aircraft to travel through along the connection route back to the task route. 4:The crosshair can be used to add boundary and obstacle points in field planning, making operations easier than ever for users. The aircraft can perform variable rate fertilization by importing prescription maps to the remote controller and applying them to fields. 5:The Spherical Radar System consists of the Omnidirectional Digital Radar and Upward Radar, providing altitude detection and stabilization in forward, backward, and downward directions as well as obstacle sensing in all horizontal directions and upward direction when in Route, A-B Route, and Manual Plus operation modes. The radar can detect the angle of a slope and automatically adjust to maintain the same distance with the surface even in mountainous terrain. In Route and A-B Route operation modes, the radar can effectively sense obstacles and plan a route to actively circumvent obstacles. Obstacle circumvention is disabled by default and must be enabled in the app.
6:The spraying system is equipped with four sprinklers and a 2-channel electromagnetic flow meter to ensure even and accurate spraying as well as to reduce operating costs. 7:Multi-Aircraft Control mode enables users to coordinate the operation of multiple aircraft simultaneously with one remote controller. Users can switch between different aircraft in the app.
Applicable Industries
Farms, Other
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Sprayer Type
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
1 Year
Key Selling Points
High Productivity
Marketing Type
New Product 2020
Machinery Test Report
Video outgoing-inspection
Warranty of core components
1 Year
Core Components

Lightweight and Convenient

A carbon fiber composite body keeps the Agras T10 both lightweight and strong. It can also fold down by 70% for more convenient transportation. The battery and tank can be quickly attached and detached to make refilling more efficient.
Autonomous Functions for Easier Flights
The aircraft takes off with the push of a button. Autonomous planning and automatic edge sweeping offer extensive spray coverage and effortless operation. The T10 also comes standard with an RTK module with centimeter-precision positioning. The new DJI Agriculture app enables a smoother system experience and more intuitive operation.
Precision Spraying, No Redundancy or Leakage
The Agras T10 features a four-nozzle design with an output rate of up to 2.4 liters per minute. A dual-channel solenoid flowmeter controls the nozzles for even spraying and precise volume control, critical for pesticide spraying.
Eliminate Blind Spots with a Spherical Radar System
The spherical radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, weather conditions, and viewing angles,regardless of dust and light interference. Automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions help ensure safety during operation.
Dual FPV Cameras for Improved Awareness
Equipped with dual FPV cameras, the Agras T10 provides clear front and rear views and lets you check flight status without needing to turn the aircraft mid-flight. And a bright searchlight doubles the aircraft's night vision capabilities, creating more nighttime operation possibilities.
Designed for Long-Term Service
The Agras T10 control module has a fully enclosed structure for added durability. All critical components have three layers of protection and are IP67 rated. Ideal for long term use of pesticides and fertilizers, and to resist dust and corrosion.
Ultrabright Screen Ultimate Control
An updated remote controller supports stable image transmission from up to 5 km away, 67% more than the previous generation. [3] A bright 5.5-inch screen delivers clear visuals, even in harsh lighting conditions. For increased productivity, one remote controller can operate multiple drones at once. The standard RTK high-precision positioning module enables centimeter-level operation planning. Additional enhancements include stronger signaling, anti-interference, and operational stability. The new DJI Agriculture app provides a smooth user experience and more intuitive operation.
Two Batteries + Charger for Continuous Operation
1,000 cycles for 1,650 acres With fewer supporting components needed, the Agras T10 is easier to transport. A newly designed intelligent battery is covered by a 1-year warranty for 1,000 charges and 1,650 acres of flight; this ultra-long service life significantly reduces operating costs.The charging station and smart charging hub can charge a battery in 10 minutes, allowing for continuous operation with just two
batteries and one charger. The standard safety box helps ensure battery safety and easy equipment storage.
DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Flight Battery
The 9,500mAh Intelligent Flight Battery has a product guarantee of 1,000 cycles. [4] It supports instant charging without the need for cooldown, circuit board-level potting protection, and resistance from water and corrosion.
DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Battery Station
The T10 Battery Station provides 3,600 watts of charging power and can charge a battery in 7 minutes. It also supports dual-channel alternated charging with power adaptation for safer operation.
D4500i Universal Frequency Conversion Charging Ctation
3200W DC output, 9 l oil tank, 220V AC output, both charger and generator, integrated, one-button power on, dual-channel wheel charging.
T10 Spreading System 3.0 Fast switching and efficient spreading
The Agras T10 can switch to a spreading system in just three minutes. A capacity of 8kg and spreading width of up to 7 meters[4]support an hourly productivity of 14 acres. [5] It also supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor,allowing more accurate refill alerts. This system also supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor,allowing more precise refill alerts. The T10's overall water-resistance rating of IP67 makes it washable and corrosion-resistant ideal for spraying of fertilizers, seeds, and feed. When used with digital agriculture solutions, the Agras T10 implements variable spreading, reducing fertilizer use while increasing yield.
Cloud-Based 3D Farming: Digital Agriculture is Here
With the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform, users can perform cloud-based mapping of orchard and farmland scenarios to generate smart flightpaths. This platform is equipped with an AI recognition system to patrol fields, identify growth, monitor disease or pests, and monitor agricultural conditions efficiently. Pairing this system with the DJI P4 Multispectral allows users to apply solutions based on specific variables according to an automatically-generated farmland prescription map.
Packaging & Shipping
1. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes. We have ourselves factory, our products are designed and developed by ourselves,have 3000 square meters factory.
2.Can I take samples before bulk order?
Yes, we are always happy to send you samples of our products. Simply let us know what your requirements are and the delivery address.
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We do 100% testing for all products before packing. We have an excellent QC process and department, they will check every product to make sure it can be used before shipment.
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Our product have one year guarantee.
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recommend Alibaba trade assurance,T/T,L/C,D/P,D/A,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union,Cash.
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Yes. We have 3C & CE & msds & Dangerous package certificate.
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Yes,we can accept OEM/ODM ,MOQ:100pcs you can change logo and functions if you need.

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